ABM Power Services

ABM Power is a fully licenced Electrical Contractor able to provide all facets of electrical supply infrastructure.

Powerline Construction

  • Installation

  • Inspection

  • Maintenance

  • Replacement

ABM Power can deliver all your overhead powerline needs.


We can inspect existing lines and identify any required maintenance to poles, pole hardware, conductors, electrical connections and switchboards.


We can remove overhead mains and install circuits underground or upgrade conductors on existing hardware.

ABM Power can build new powerlines of varying capacity and distances to suit your requirements and can cost overhead versus underground to find the best solution.


For more involved jobs, we can have a line specifically engineered for the job.


Pole Holding​

  • Pole Holding

  • Pole Grabbing

  • Pole Supporting

ABM Power offers a pole holding / grabbing / supporting service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our trucks come equipped to support various types of Electricity Supply Industry Infrastructure, including street lighting and traffic lights. Each truck will arrive with all documentation necessary to fulfil work on specific sites.

Property Pole Supply & Installation

  • Supply and install pole / meter box / overhead or underground power

ABM power keeps a stock of standard sized CCA treated poles in their Toowoomba yard and can source poles of all size and capacity, up to 26 metres. 


We are fully licensed Electrical Contractors and can supply a power pole with a single phase or three phase meter box ready for Energex to connect. 


If you require more than 1 pole, we have capacity to deliver up to 8 poles in one trip.  Please call us for more information.  We can generally give you a quote for a power pole over the phone and deliver within 7 days.

Crane Borer Hire

  • Short & long term projects / hire

  • Australia-wide service

Our fleet of Crane borers are set up to suit the Electricity Supply Industry. The trucks carry a range of different sized augers, pole jacks, tampers and screw anchor installing equipment.


We have lifting gear for the erection of timber, concrete and steel poles and for the replacement of pole and ground Transformers and other Electrical Equipment.

Our borers are 14-15 metre, 5/10 tonne capacity. All of our units carry 2 poles up to 14 metres long and 2 tonnes.

Underground Residential Development (URD) work

  • New Estates

  • Electrical Civil Works

  • Electrical Installation

ABM Power has the experience of over 200 subdivisions throughout Southern Queensland, from Roma to Toowoomba and up to Kingaroy. 

ABM Power carries out both electrical civil works (trenching, conduiting, earthing, foundations and footings) and electrical installation (low voltage, high voltage, street lighting).

High Voltage Work & Cable Jointing

  • Cable Hauling

  • Cable Jointing

  • High Voltage Switch Gear

  • Transformers


Our experienced high voltage cable jointers are able to terminate cables of various sizes and configurations. We have a limited stock of cable and various terminations for breakdown work and our suppliers can provide termination kits and through joints at short notice. We can arrange generators or temporary supply and have it connected to existing infrastructure while the new cable is sourced and installed.